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Mum stuck in flat covered in ants that bite kids and come out of plug sockets

A mum and her two children said they’re in temporary accommodation that is infested with ants.

Ruth Archibald, from Wandsworth, South London, said she saw a swarm of insects come out of a cereal box while she was making breakfast.

She said she first noticed the problem at the start of last year and initially blamed it on leaving the window open in the summer.

Ruth said that since then the ants have taken over the flat, coming out of the plug sockets, out of tiny cracks in the wall, and have even bitten her children.

They have taken over the kitchen cupboards several times so Ruth keeps all of the family’s food in the fridge.

Ruth, 23, told MyLondon : “It’s so infuriating, there’s an ant everywhere we go…I’ll be cooking in the kitchen and I’ll see one come through a tiny crack…it just started to get worse and worse.

“At one point, it infested my entire food cupboard and I had to remove all the food.

“They come out of everything, even the plug sockets.”

Ruth was placed in temporary accommodation in Wandsworth after her two previous places were riddled with mice and were not in a safe area for her children.

She said the previous place was fine but the people in the area started to give them abuse.

She said: “The home itself was fine but it was in a really bad area. Fights would break out every night, people would take drugs and be passed out in the morning. I’d come downstairs in the morning with my kids and people would be passed out on the stairs.

“It became personal because more and more started coming where we were living, they didn’t even want to let us into the house anymore. Sometimes I’d come home and they’d just block the door…we weren’t able to get in so I had to go back to my parents house. I had to start barricading my door with a cupboard…there was no double lock on the door. In the night, they’d try and scare you.”

Ruth’s twins are now five and starting to ask questions.

She said they ask why they keep moving house.

She said: “I feel like the council just doesn’t help. We shouldn’t be treated like this. It sends my children crazy.”

A spokesperson for Wandsworth Council told The Mirror: “We’re sorry to hear this tenant is experiencing problems.

“Our records show that our pest control team visited in March last year and that the tenant was advised to contact us again for further treatments if the problem recurred.

“We haven’t heard from her since but are more than happy to return to carry out further treatments and will be contacting her to arrange this. If there is a problem we’d like to try and resolve it for her as quickly as possible.”